Book Review: Kristy Moody’s “Moody”


 My life story is now out on display!

After years of being incognito, I finally released a tell-all about my growing up years, adolescence and the present day. “Moody” discusses my journey into K-Pop, while digging into special unforgettable moments along the way.

If you were ever curious about my true life behind-the-scenes, look no further than “Moody”. The road is unexpected, but it is definitely worthwhile.

I highly recommend this ebook to anyone who loves reading a good well-rounded book.

Check out a quick excerpt of “Moody” below:

“Hold your peace and stay with the crazy one,” Mom said while tending to a bathroom pipe run amuck.

My entire life has been anything but ordinary. When you transition from a quiet life in the elite south suburbs of Chicago to the mean streets of the ghetto, life turns into a struggle for survival….

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