Album Review: David Dunn’s “Crystal Clear”


David Dunn‘s debut mini album “Crystal Clear” is exactly what every Christian recording artist should be doing today. This album’s biggest charm is that it appeals to the modern audience by giving them a dose of great music instead of wearing listeners out with many songs they get bored with. Save your voice and captivate the masses!

David is an artist unlike any in Christian music before him. Sure, his voice sounds like a wonderful blend of Greg Long and Anthony Evans, but the lyrics run so much deeper. You have to listen to each of the songs on “Crystal Clear” to discover the deeper meaning behind them. The stand out tracks are “Have Everything”, “Today Is Beautiful”, “Nothing Left”.

By now, you have probably absorbed his debut album. So, I won’t describe the sound of each track. I’ll explain what it means to me instead.

It Is Well – God has complete control over your life no matter the circumstance. Everything should be well with Christians’ souls, because we are well taken care by God. To be honest, this song shocked me. I expected to hear a typical church hymn, but I was pleasantly surprised by the complete change of pace.

Have Everything – I love the music and arrangement of this song. It is impossible to not replay this single. The message describes a person’s desperation to find God and their willingness to give Him their entire life. They give “everything” to God. There is so much more to “Have Everything” than what I described. It’s deep.

Today Is Beautiful – Experience life the way God intended. David tells listeners to stop focusing on the small problems in your life. You miss God’s beautiful days by only paying attention to Satan’s little distractions.

Nothing Left – We all struggle with loving our enemies, but that is what “Nothing Left” is all about. God instructs us to love everyone on earth the way He does. This commandment trumps all the others. Jesus Christ told us in the Holy Bible, that if we love our neighbors we won’t be compelled to break the other 10 commandments.

This song should have been on the soundtrack of “Divergent”. I love the futuristic sound so much…  I would want to feature it in “Neewollah Murder” if I ever make it into a movie.

Waiting For Love – People are searching for God’s help and His love to come and rescue them. God sent His son, Jesus Christ, to die for the sins of the world. God’s love has always been there; it is up to us to turn to Him and pray.

I highly recommend this album. I’ll close my review with a quote from David about the true meaning of his single “Crystal Clear”.

“Most of the time if you’re willing to love somebody the way God intended, however, it’s going to be difficult, and you’re really opening up yourself to be squashed. Rather than focusing on the false perception that love is supposed to make me happy, this song is like a hammer. Love is the reason we are here. Love has turned into what makes me feel good, which I think is absolutely ruining relationships across the board.”


*A Special Thanks to Merge PR and David Dunn for the photos and digital version of “Crystal Clear” *

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