Movie Review: “Coffee Shop”

Credit: UPtv

Credit: UPtv

UPtv’s autumn movie titled “Coffee Shop” resembles a marriage between Hallmark Channel and any made for TV Christmas movie… without the tree. The sugary classic love story stars Laura Vandervoort as Donavan, a young coffee shop owner in a small town. She meets Broadway scriptwriter Ben (Cory M. Grant) and the pair fall in love with a few bumps along the way.

Credit: UPtv

Credit: UPtv

BTSCelebs’ September 2014 interview guest Rachel Hendrix plays Donavan’s desert loving sister Becky who is determined to help her sis find love. Kevin Sorbo’s part is very small in the movie, but his grand presence is made known by his connection with Ben.

“Coffee Shop” is not filled with twists and turns. There is nothing shocking or overly heartbreaking about it. It’s just like the titled suggests. This movie is a warm cup of coffee with a generous helping of sugar.

“Coffee Shop” debuts on the UPtv network this Sunday.

*A Special Thanks to Jennifer Willingham at Icon Media Group for a screener of the film.*

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