Movie Review: “The Perfect Wave”

Credit: Divine Inspiration

Credit: Divine Inspiration

Ride the wave to God.

The feeling you experience watching the “The Perfect Wave” is indescribable. In the movie, Scott Eastwood portrays Ian McCormack, a real life surfer. His journey across the world in search of the perfect parties, hook-ups and incredible waves is cut short by his death.  Annabel (played by Rachel Hendrix) is flirty and free-spirited. She doesn’t follow the strict rules of life, and she is in a continuous search for something more. Annabel indirectly leads Ian to his untimely passing by mysteriously disappearing after a lovers’ quarrel.

Credit: Divine Inspiration

Credit: Divine Inspiration

Scott’s portrayal of Ian’s journey from death to life was riveting. The only force in the world that had the power to bring him back to life was God.

Cheryl Ladd’s character has to be the best spiritual mom I have ever seen in any inspirational movie to date. Her moving prayer scene compounded with Ian’s dying scene is a MUST SEE.

“The Perfect Wave” is not a movie for Christians, it is for anyone who is searching for direction in this world. If you are confused and anticipating the next big thrill in life, you need to experience this film.

Credit: Divine Inspiration

Credit: Divine Inspiration

BTSCelebs sends a special thank you to Lori from FrontGate Media and Anchor Bay Entertainment for the DVD to review.*

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