Ryan Higa Surpasses 2 Billion Views on YouTube


YouTube funnyman Ryan Higa is the internet’s #1 comedian.

There are probably very few people who haven’t enjoyed a classic Ryan Higa comedy video. My favorites have to be the Wayne Brady one and GiveUpandSettle.com.

Ryan celebrated his 2 Billion+ views today via social media. Check out his Facebook post below:

“I can say with 100% honesty that after I first hit 1 billion views, that I never thought I’d make it to 2 billion. Seriously, so thankful and grateful for all of you that continue to watch and support! I’m not gonna lie, there were some times throughout this stretch where I felt really uninspired to create new content and doubted my ideas so much that I wouldn’t even want to post them.. but every single time I did, you guys were there to pick me up and re-inspire me.. I don’t know if “re-inspire” is a word… but that’s what it felt like.. re-inspiration. Rinsperation. You Rinsed me. What? Anyway… You know what I’m trying to say.. I’m terrible these “serious” posts, so I’ll keep it simple with hashtags. #2BillionViews #MeEqualsHappy #AllThanksToYOU! #YouRinseMe #MeRinsperationized. #3BillionViews? Love, Me”

Currently, he has around 2.2 billion views.

Congratulations, Ryan!

All rights to the image and quote belongs to Ryan Higa.

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