Megan Lee Will Star in K-Pop Influenced Show on Nickelodeon

Photo Credit: Megan Lee's Official Facebook

Photo Credit: Megan Lee’s Official Facebook

“Make It Pop”!

The phrase above is the title to Megan Lee‘s upcoming K-pop inspired series for Nickelodeon. Today, a “Make It Pop” press release hit the internet waves talking about the comedy/musical series focused on entertaining young audiences in the US.

MIP is about boarding school roommates bonding over music and forming a popular K-pop like band. Megan stars as a social media expert named Sun Hi.

The actress and real life K-pop singer shared the following message with her fans on social media today:

“I need your support now…more than ever! We’ve been walking thru this together since day#1 & thank you for your faith in me”

This series makes me want to maintain cable and be an avid viewer! Go Megan! BTSCelebs is cheering for you.

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