BTSCelebs Fantasy Casting: Disney’s “Mulan” [Live Action] Stars Amber Liu and Taecyeon

Amber Liu

Amber Liu

Who wants to see K-Pop’s hottest stars take on the iconic animated roles from Mulan”?

Today, I read on that one of my all time favorite movies is actually being made into a live action film. I began thinking about the best people to portray Fa Mulan and Captain Li Shang on the silver screen.

My ultimate fantasy casting would be Amber Liu from the girl group f(x) and 2PM member Ok Taecyeon. These two K-Pop stars exemplify strength and bravery in the industry. Amber, who is Chinese, is the cute tomboy of her SMTown girl band, while Taecyeon is the handsome brawny member of his boy group.



Taecyeon has acting experience and both of them can sing and rap. So, there wouldn’t be any need of singing (or dancing) doubles if they decided to do another musical.

I would love to see these two couple up on-screen. Think about it, Disney.

All rights to the images belong to SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.

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