Author Melissa Tagg Reveals Her Cover Boy Crush


Yesterday, Melissa Tagg wrote, ” Once upon a time, a writer in Iowa kinda fell in love with her own character. She knew it was weird and possibly unhealthy to love a fake person so much. But whatever, she loved him. AND THEN she got to see the publisher’s book cover for this guy’s story and he looked so much like the man in her head that she pretty much freaked out and if she loved him before, she went into full-blown he’s-the-greatest-man-alive-who’s-not-really-alive mode and talked about him to EVERYONE for weeks. And now she finally gets to share! LIKE NEVER BEFORE comes out spring 2016. I’m less than three weeks from the rewrite deadline. #AlltheHappyFeelings”

All rights to image and quote belongs to Bethany House Publishers and Melissa Tagg.

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