Book Review: Tina Campbell’s “I Need A Day To Pray”


I read  through Tina Campbell’s debut book “I Need A Day To Pray”, and I have to say…. I’m impressed. Rather than write a self-help book, Mrs. Campbell put together a very biblical devotional. It is not a novel a reader can simply read through once. The message has to be meditated on and thoroughly absorbed.

She used her own struggles in life to encourage readers to seek God in the dark times. The usual chapters are replaced with sections dedicated to prayers about marriage, prosperity, blessings for families and even fighting against satanic curses that oppose God’s Will.

Her powerful prayers are backed up by numerous scripture passages throughout the whole book. I highly recommend “I Need A Day To  Pray”.

*BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Plan A Media for the complimentary copy of ” “I Need A Day To  Pray”.

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