Taylor Swift Celebrates Album Anniversary + Adam Cappa Talks About Becoming a Dad


T &A have some great updates for you today!

Superstar Taylor Swift celebrates a one year anniversary of another hit album. She tweeted the image above and this message to praise her fans for being so supportive of the “1989” project: “1989 came out 1 year ago today. It’s been the best year of my life. I love you guys. #HappyBirthday1989.”

Inspirational rock star Adam Cappa opened up to fans about fatherhood. After a 8 month engagement, Adam wed his new bride Abbey last month. While fans are still getting used to the idea that he is a married man, he surprised them yet again by stating that he is a new father as well.


“… Let me share our love story:) My gorgeous and godly wife, Abbey, walked through tragedy in a previous marriage, but was given the gift of a beautiful little girl named, Ava. The Lord brought Abbey and I together in purity with Christ Always at the center, with godly mentors and accountability all around us. The entire time of our dating and engagement was pure. Abbey and I waited until our marriage night to become one. I knew she had every quality of the godly woman I was looking for and had prayed for. However, I told Abbey before we started dating that I needed to make sure, through prayer, that I was ready to walk into the role of fatherhood, and I wouldn’t date her until I knew I was ready, because of the weight of that responsibility. I remember in my heart being terrified and asking the Lord what to do. He reminded me of this truth. “Adam, You have prayed for your future family, but marriage doesn’t always guarantee children. I have given you a heart to be father. Do not be afraid. Now is the time.” The Lord spoke directly to my heart and told me to man up:). In choosing to date Abbey, I knew three things: 1. We were dating with the purpose and intent of honoring Christ in all things. 2. We were dating with the intent of marriage. 3. In choosing to date Abbey I was also choosing to step into fatherhood as Ava’s Daddy. The Lord has been so faithful in all these things and life together as a family is better than we could have ever dreamed. The Lord is willing and and able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine if we will trust Him and walk in obedience. He is a God who delights in bringing beauty out of brokenness. Don’t be afraid to trust His plan for you just because it looks different than you expected. God Bless you guys! ❤ Adam”

Congratulations to Taylor and double congrats to Adam Cappa!

All rights to the images and quotes belongs to Taylor Swift and Adam Cappa.

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