Book Review: Sarah Jakes’ “Dear Mary”


BTSCelebs has mixed emotions about Sarah Jakes third release “Dear Mary”. I loved her complete focus on God for Moms’ source of strength. She explains in the book that it will all work out for their good, and that they should focus entirely on Him and do the best they can. The struggles each Mom (or potential Mom) faces differs greatly by their circumstances in life. They shouldn’t compare themselves.

On the other hand, Jakes empathizing with underprivileged families is a little hard to believe because her earthly father,T.D. Jakes, is so wealthy. She may very well have struggled for a time, but many mothers in the world never have assistance of any kind… including nannies.

Overall, the book was an interesting read that makes good points about trusting God, overcoming bad relationships with Moms, having a positive outlook about pregnancy and more. It’s a good go-to book for Mothers and expectant Moms.

*BTSCelebs thanks Bethany House for the complimentary copy of the book.*

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