Diogo Morgado Talks to BTSCelebs – Part 1


Today, BTSCelebs was given the opportunity to speak to the talented and gracious Diogo Morgado. The kind actor took time out of his busy day to personally answer a few questions via phone about his upcoming film “Love Finds You In Valentine”.

Discover what he thought about the film and more BTS information about his inspiring new movie. Check out part 1 of the wonderful exclusive below:

BTSCelebs: Why did you choose to join the cast of “Love Finds You In Valentine”?

Diogo Morgado: I chose the story. I was looking for something a little more sincere in terms of structure from the last things I did originally. This came along, it was perfect. For me, it was like the perfect story. It’s an inspirational story. It’s an uplifting story. It’s a story about family. It’s a story about love. It’s about recovery. My character especially is troubled. He has a troubled childhood…he was a troubled kid as he was growing up. He finds the Circle Cross. This ranch basically became his salvation.  Now, he is a better person, and a better man because of that.  All of those elements persuaded me to get this project.

Are you a fan of the author or original novel “Love Finds You in Valentine, Nebraska”?

To be brutally honest with you, I didn’t even know about the novels. I did see both of the previous movies, and I totally understand the concept. Alot of the writing…the writers I know left out a couple of things.  I read part of the book “Love Finds You in Valentine” just to get inspiration from. We got some parts of the book that was not included in the script, and we brought it to the script. We tried to be truthful to the research of the book as much as we could. At the same, our take from the book and from the story. That was it. That was our guideline. From there, we built our own truths, characters and our take from the story.

Did you have the opportunity to meet the author?

No, she didn’t unfortunately. I would love to meet her, but that wasn’t the case.

What did you think about the movie’s breathtaking filming location?

I think the location served the movie in terms of the story. To be honest with you, I think in this type of movie the location is just another character. It plays out as a crucial part of the storytelling. So, I would say the same actors and directors in a different location would be a totally different movie. The location serves. If it’s the movie telling you a story about how a place changed a person… it has to do that. You have to believe that this place is so authentic and so powerful that it can change people. The whole story, the place and location was crucial. So to find this in Ohio,  it looks really beautiful. A lot of the footage you see is not honest enough to how beautiful it was. It was pretty daunting with all the wild horses running freely. You feel the nature in its purest and beautiful form. It serves the movie in a really beautiful way. Me and Michaela [McManus] felt inspired by the location. I took a bunch of pictures, posted a bunch of pictures and a mini-video of when I visited an Amish farm.  All of that and a humble way of living really served the movie.

Stay tuned for part 2 of BTSCelebs’ exciting interview with Mr. Morgado!

UP tv’s “Love Finds You In Valentine” premieres on February 14th at 7 p.m EST.

*BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to UP tv and Diogo Morgado for the interview and photos.*

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