[Interview] 5 Questions with Hollyn


BTSCelebs: Who is Hollyn, and why did you choose this stage name?

If you know nothing about me, or have no idea what I’m about, know this. “Hollyn” is real. Everything I write and sing about relates to my life in a genuine and honest way. I wanted to create a brand for myself to have a fresh start and the ability to have a specific, unique sound that attracts all people. This is music that is from my soul, so I want to have a name that shows a side of me no one has seen before.

What inspired you to pursue music?

I was always inspired to do music. No one had to tell me that I loved it. Pretty sure I came into the world singing, at least that’s what my parents say. Haha! Music is my passion, and I knew I wanted to do something with it from a young age, but the last couple years really have determined what I’ve been called to do on a professional level.

If you had a chance to duet with any current recording artist, who would it be?

If I could do a duet with anyone, I would pick John Mayer.

What surprises do you have planned for fans this year?

I’ve got a lot of things up my sleeve this year for my fans, but mainly a new album is in the works! Super excited to be working on a full length. Thankful for everyone who’s been so supportive!

This or That special. Please choose one word from each that matches your personality the best.

Dog or Cat
Broadway or Movie
Movie (But I love Broadway)
Winter or Summer
Candy or Fruit
Traveling or Home
Android or iPhone
NetFlix or TV
TobyMac or dcTalk

For more about the talented recording artist Hollyn, visit her official website: IAMHOLLYN.COM.

*A Special Thanks to Merge PR and Hollyn for the interview and photo.*

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