Priyanka Chopra Returns to the USA for “Quantico” Finale Filmimg

pryankaChopraABC’s international darling returned to the USA after a brief trip to her home in India. Priyanka Chopra boarded the plane yesterday following her Padma Shri award honor. She tweeted her gratitude to her hometown fans for their love and support while giving her overseas fans a “Quantico” update.

“Such a proud moment. To be back in my country.. My capital.. Rashtrapati Bhavan & receiving the PadmaShri. #blessed… Overwhelmed by the love I received today. Many thanks and also I apologise to everyone I couldn’t meet. Just know that I appreciate it all. A day at home..missed the feeling of familiarity. As I fly back to #Quantico season finale shoot I say a prayer of gratitude..#destinysChild”

Congratulations to Priyanka Chopra!

*All rights to the image and quotes belong to Priyanka Chopra.*

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