Book Review: Julianna Deering’s “Dressed For Death”


The most shocking Drew Farthering Mystery yet!

Julianna Deering surprised all her readers with the astonishing crimes in her “Dressed For Death” book. In the novel, Drew, his wife Madeline, BFF Nick and the rest of the crew head to a Regency-era party at his old friend Tal Cummins’ house. Little did he know, the family’s wealth is wrapped in drug sales and deceit. When the people close to Drew begin dropping like flies, it’s a clever house cat named Eddie who finally helps them solve the mystery.

“Dressed For Death” had a very slow beginning, but if finally started to pick up halfway thru. Unfortunately, the people dying around Drew actually breaks the readers’ hearts too.

If you want a good murder mystery that you can spend a considerable amount of time reading, “Dressed For Death” is for you.

*BTSCelebs thanks Bethany House for the complimentary copy of the book.*

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