Movie Review: “The Rooftop Christmas Tree”


“The Rooftop Christmas Tree” is not what it seems.

Stars Michelle Morgan, Stephen Huszar and Tim Reid are all apart of the movie about a small town with one eccentric neighbor set in his ways. Dale Landis (Tim Reid) is determined to put a Christmas tree on his roof every year for some unknown reason to the local court. Since his tree violates the town’s rules and Dale refuses to take it down, he faces jail time every Christmas. Lawyers Sarah Wright (Michelle Morgan) and John Riviera (Stephen Huszar) join in on the confusing tree battle to get down to the bottom of it. Fortunately for viewers, there is a very happy ending for Dale with an added Christmas miracle.

“The Rooftop Christmas Tree” sounds like a very good film on paper, but it is very slow moving. It mainly focuses on the budding love story between Sarah and John and gives Dale hardly any screen time or lines. They talk about his court case throughout the film, even though they don’t interact with him much.

I have been a fan of Tim Reid since his “Sister Sister” days, so I was disappointed in the way the entire story progressed. If you are looking for a another quick holiday love tale with a touch of community, this is for you. Tim Reid’s role is more guest starring than anything else.


*A Special Thanks to UP tv for the images and movie screener.*

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