BTSCelebs Is Going To The “2017 Chicago Auto Show”


Today, BTSCelebs received the official press pass to cover the “2017 Chicago Auto Show” for you!

I’ll head over to the annual vehicle event, which is one of the largest in the nation, and try my best to feature even more autos than last year. Camp Jeep, Fiat Chrysler Automobile’s multi-brand track, Toyota’s RAV4 & Highlander Experience,  Ram Mercedes-Benz’ “Iron Schöckl” are all offering test tracks at the show, and I’ll make sure to tell you how the vehicles ride.


This year’s auto show sponsors are: State Farm, Fifth Third Bank and Shell, Xfinity, Steel Market Development Institute and the Chicago Tribune.

The thrilling virtual tour awaits you in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to BTSCelebs for all the car goodies!

*All rights to the images belongs to The Chicago Auto Show.*

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