Album Review: Hollyn’s “One Way Conversations”


Hollyn‘s new album “One Way Conversations” is more of a personal diary than a standard worship album. I wouldn’t go as far and say it mirrors Britt Nicole’s 2016 self titled project, but it definitely feels like the 20 year-old recording artist is starting to branch out. She sings about her personal view of God, self-esteem, friendships and romantic relationship issues.

“One Way Conversations” overall has that urban, hip hop feel with a 2017 flair. The tunes are very easy on the ears and seems tailormade for road trips or the next youth/family friendly Hollywood film. I enjoyed the album and would say the stand out tracks are “Can’t Live Without”, “In Awe”, “Lovely” and “Go”.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I would give “One Way Conversations” a 4 on the mainstream scale.


*A Special Thanks to Merge PR and Hollyn for the digital version of “One Way Conversations”. Image and Video Credit: Gotee Records/CapitalCMG Publishing.*

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