Album Review: David Dunn’s “Yellow Balloons”


Recording artist David Dunn outdid himself!

After listening to his incredible new album “Yellow Balloons” a few times, I finally realized the meaning behind the entire project. It’s about a man’s journey (in his Christian faith) to realizing that he needs to surrender everything to God. When Christians don’t understand why things happen, or when it seems like everything is falling apart…don’t focus on it, but rather surrender to God’s perfect will instead.

Personally, I feel David Dunn is a poet. and I was anxious to hear his new album mainly for his intense lyrics. His words connect with listeners on a different level. Of course, his voice is pleasant to the ears as well. “Yellow Balloons” maintained 1990s-2000s styled music with its pop rock feel while seasoning it with a few modern elements to make it competitive against fellow 2017 tunes. It was so hard to pick favorites amongst his gems! If I had to choose stand out tracks, they would be “Kingdom”, “I Don’t Have To Worry” and “Ruins”.

I recommend people of all ages and religions to check out this inspirational album shining a light of hope in the middle of despair.

David Dunn’s “Yellow Balloons” will be released on February 17.


*A Special Thanks to Merge PR and David Dunn for the digital version of “Yellow Ballons”.  Image and Video Credit: BEC Recordings/Capital CMG .*

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2 Responses to Album Review: David Dunn’s “Yellow Balloons”

  1. Yes, so many singers sound amazing…he hits the soul heart strings like no one I’ve yet discovered. I’m so thankful to God for his heart toward God, and his courage to share it through singing. He’s blessed me and my boys…and my friends as well!

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