Jordin Sparks And New Friend, Dana Isaiah, Celebrate International Kissing Day

Jordin Sparks and her friend Dana are the cutest!

This celebrity pair decided to celebrate “International Kissing Day” the right way. The model/fitness enthusiast gave the American Idol star a peck on the jaw for all her Instagram followers to see. She shared this quote to accompany the sweet photo:

Jordin: “Grateful for you, @_danaisaiah. 😘#InternationalKissingDay #Thankful #Godsend #100 #thankyouJesus #mine #xo #freckleface #worththewait”

Dana believes Jordin is a Godsend as well. He shared several photos with her on his social media account and even shared this heartfelt photo and message last month:

Dana: “God was definitely looking out for ya boy when he hand crafted this one  My ride or die”

Happy International Kissing Day, everyone!

All rights to the image and quotes belong to Jordin Sparks and Dana Isaiah

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