Movie Review: “Because of Gracia”

The definition of “Because of Gracia” is simple…. love.

Recording Artist Moriah Peters-Smallbone and actor Chris Massoglia star in the film all about loving others and accepting God’s love. Everyone makes mistakes, but BOG shows viewers that unconditional love is available if we ‘re willing to receive it. It also touches on freedom of speech. Despite differences in religion or world views, people can become the best of friends if they respect each other.

In Moriah’s film debut, she plays a teen girl named Gracia, who transfers to a new high school. The journey begins when she meets Chase (Chris), his friend O.B., an atheist teacher, and a pregnant girl in debate class. Her impact on everyone is beyond anything she can even imagine! Gracia encourages the people around her to stand up for their beliefs and dare to make the right choices in life. Teachers and students alike learn the important lesson that sometimes the only way to discover the truth is through making mistakes.

“Because of Gracia” is well done. The movie also stars fan favorites John Schneider and Ben Davies. I guarantee you’ll find yourself wanting to watch it over and over again. I watched it twice before writing this review! Catch the film in select theaters across the USA on September 15, 2017.

Click Here learn more about “Because of Gracia” and enjoy the trailer below:

*A Special Thanks to Two PR for the movie screener. Image Credit: Because of Gracia’s Instagram*

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