Movie Review: “A Very Country Christmas”

This weekend, Greyston Holt and Bea Santoss star in the Harlequin inspired romance “A Very Country Christmas”. In the film, famous singer Zane travels back to the small town he grew up in after he becomes frustrated with life in the limelight. He meets hard-working Jeanette Williams, who is doing the best she can as a single mom to a little girl, during his trip back. Little did he know, a chance encounter with his interior designer, Jeanette, opens the door to making his dreams a reality.

“A Very Country Christmas” is as quiet and quaint as an actual small town in America. The movie resembles a country ballad more than any picture I have ever seen. It unfolds like a classic song right in front of your eyes. The main couple is not in any hurry as they meet, fall in love and decide if they want to give their relationship a try. Stars Michelle Morgan and country singer Deana Carter round out the cast of this holiday family film.

“A Very Country Christmas” premiered this weekend on UPtv.

*A Special Thanks to UP tv for the image and movie screener.*

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