Movie Review: “Christmas Solo”

Stars Kelli Williams and Jonathan Scarfe lead a hard-working cast anxious to bring the holiday spirit into your home.

In “Christmas Solo”, a single mom and dad’s worlds collide when they discover the secret behind their teens’ current unhappiness. While the parents were trying to embark on a special relationship, they had no idea their girls were involved in a bully/victim situation. Friends on both sides play an integral part in the good, the bad and the road to reconciliation. Thankfully, movie magic gives our main stars and important supporting actors a chance at a happily ever after.

“Christmas Solo” is a laid-back production, and it takes awhile to get into it. Once you do, you realize the film is sending viewers a powerful message about forgiveness. The ending is so precious you are tempted to re-watch it several times before Christmas Day!

Watch the premiere of UPtv’s next family film on November 26 at 7PM [EST].

*A Special Thanks to UP tv’s PR for the movie screener and images.*

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