A Simple Way to Drastically Reduce The Rate of Suicide in South Korea

In my opinion, the worst has happened. SHINee is my number one band in K-Pop. No other group can measure up to them in my eyes. Like many ShaWols, I’m still heartbroken over Jonghyun’s recent passing.

Since I became a fan of South Korean entertainment in 2004, I’ve seen several celebrities  fall prey to suicide. Stars Lee Eun Ju, Jeong Da Bin, Choi Jin Sil, Park Yong Ha and Jang Ja Yeon are several of the many who tragically ended their own lives. In light of recent events, I want to suggest something that I think may help slow down the epidemic. Like the United States of America, I encourage South Korea to base their country on Christian principles. We Americans have our share of problems (history, crime etc), but our common thread is love. Love is how Americans continue to heal year after year. Try studying the Holy Bible, praying regularly and meet up with fellow believers as often as possible. I understand no one can force anyone to convert, but all South Korean citizens deserve the right to be exposed to positivity and decide for themselves.

Unfortunately, nothing can completely eliminate fear and sadness, but Christianity gives believers hope to face tomorrow and a purpose to live each day. According to the statistics, more than half of the population claims no religion whatsoever. Maybe that is a main contributing factor to the feeling of hopelessness and loneliness.

Please consider my words and hope for a drastic reduction in yearly suicides. God bless South Korea.

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