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What is The Joffrey Ballet Up To Today?

Chicago’s top dance company, The Joffrey Ballet, is staying busy during this period of quarantine. Artistic team members/dancers are opening up to their audience like never before. Theme Ballet Weeks and the Train Like A Pro workout series gives everyone … Continue reading

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A Simple Way to Drastically Reduce The Rate of Suicide in South Korea

In my opinion, the worst has happened. SHINee is my number one band in K-Pop. No other group can measure up to them in my eyes. Like many ShaWols, I’m still heartbroken over Jonghyun’s recent passing. Since I became a fan … Continue reading

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Win an Autographed Copy of Adam Cappa’s “The Rescue”

Giveaway number 2  has arrived! Following the iTunes gift card special, BTSCelebs is now giving away two autographed copies of Adam Cappa‘s debut album “The Rescue”. You read the album review and even enjoyed his interview and its time to take … Continue reading

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[Real Talent- Focus] Liyana Wishes Brian Joo a Happy Vday

Real Talent is in the virtual building! Aspiring Malaysian singer Liyana was our special guest in April of 2011. She sang her heart out to a “Dream High” song.  Since then, she has continued pursuing her dream, but hasn’t forgotten to wish … Continue reading

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K-entertainment Companies Are One Of The Hardest Puzzles To Solve!

Do you want to contact your favorite celebrity for an interview or *cough cough* an article for your website? Well, remember everyone is not who they appear to be! My experience with K- companies is a very sordid one. However, I won’ … Continue reading

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