Movie Review: “Runaway Romance”

This month, the “Love Finds You In Charm” couple, Danielle C. Ryan and Trevor Donovan, reunited on the other side of the Amish community in “Runaway Romance”.

Danielle plays reality TV star Ann who runs away from L.A. after she discovers her life off-camera is in shambles. Ann’s famous boyfriend backstabs her by getting her indirectly fired from her job, while teaming up with his mom (Tatum O’Neal) to raise the ratings on their TV show. So, Ann’s journey across the USA lands her in a small Amish town in America’s heartland where she meets Amish and Englishers alike, including her true love, architect Hunter (Trevor Donovan). He isn’t Amish, but he has Amish roots and relatives who are still apart of the classic church.

Ann finds peace from her hectic life out West and rediscovers her passion while in the quaint town. However, her budding relationship with Hunter comes to a screeching halt when her ex-boyfriend arrives to get her back. Ann takes matters into her own hands to get the happy ending she deserves.

“Runaway Romance” was just as delightful as the on-screen couple’s previous movie. I think I enjoyed this one a little more, because it was a light-hearted film with a Hallmark feel. It was made for the entire family.

*A Special Thanks to UP tv PR for the screener of the movie and the photos*

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