Movie Review: “The Riot and The Dance”

Dr. Gordon Wilson narrates one of the most eye-opening documentaries of the year. From insects to mammals, “The Riot and The Dance” places a spotlight on the many creatures that either intrigue or terrify us. The famed biologist showcases the beauty of each living thing and their simple lifestyles that are so free from want…. that it makes viewers re-examine their own lives.

He starts the film by stating that it’s impossible to be bored in a world where there is so much happening in the ecosystem outside. The wonderful design of the landscape, the creatures and their daily routines are enough to fascinate everyone. They roam the land and their needs are provided for on a regular basis. Dr. Wilson places an emphasis on The Holy Bible and uses the Creation explanation as a way to prove that God provides for each living thing on a daily basis.

“The Riot and The Dance” helps viewers appreciate not only beloved animals like bison and elephants, but terrifying ones (example: scorpions and venomous snakes). He stresses that we have complete dominion over these creatures, according to the Bible.

I was a little uncomfortable with the animals feasting on each other and watching the lethal bats and snakes’ close-ups, but they all have an important purpose if they are alive. So, who am I to judge? The film is a must see for animal lovers and those bored with the mundane pace of life. You’ll be inspired by the positive message of the visually stunning documentary.

The Riot and The Dance”[part 1] hits theaters on March 19, 2018 and April 19, 2018 (encore presentation).

*A Special Thanks to Lori Heiselman and everyone at Collide Media Group for the movie screener and images.*

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