[Review] A&A Ballet’s “Debut” was Wonderful

On March 17 in Curtiss Hall, A&A Ballet presented a lovely intimate event (“Debut”) promoting the talent within their well-respected company.

Jane Kelly was a fun and lively host, while Spooky Generator, Red Clay and Ani Gogova brought their signature sound by providing live music. The young dancers were a picture of grace and elegance in a variety of  exquisitely choreographed pieces. Alexei Kremnev‘s “Modern Times”, Madison Falconer’s “Tragedy of the Commons”, Terence Marling’s “Grid”, as well as, masters Nick Pupillo, Preston Miller, Justin Allen’s original work were an absolute joy to watch as their works closely resembled classic paintings come to life. Solo acts like Grace Curry, Dahlia Winters and Gioia Zappani really stood out with their ability to capture the audience with every move. Duo Lee Borowski and Gabriel Hartman challenged us with their complex dance that echoed two individuals interacting and ended with them mirroring each other. From the water scene (aka “bay breeze”) to the interactive human “grid”, there wasn’t a dull moment during the event.

There was a familiar family atmosphere throughout the delicious reception, performance and silent auction. The audience and performers made up a welcoming crowd.

“Debut” gave everyone just a glimpse of the extraordinary work A&A Ballet is capable of. You don’t want to miss their “Cinderella” (May 26) performance when it hits the Studebaker Theatre this spring .“Sleeping Beauty” will make its grand premiere in the same theatre on May 4, 2019.

*BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to A&A Ballet for the invitation to the attend the event.*

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