“Samantha Brown’s Places To Love” Renewed + Peter Han Releases New Music

Two doses of celebrity news goodness!

Yesterday. travel veteran Samantha Brown made the grand announcement that her new PBS series “Places To Love” has been renewed for another season. While season 1 is currently airing every Saturday afternoon on the Public Broadcasting Service, Samantha told fans via Facebook that she and her crew are in the midst of filming the second season, which promises to be 13 installments.

I was a big fan of Samantha’s trips across the globe on the Travel Channel, and I’m so happy we get to enjoy another season of her fun new show.


In other news, international singer Peter Han released a fresh single following a brief hiatus. Music lovers are able to enjoy a sweet love song from him called “I Like You”.

Check out his Instagram message about the new tune below:

“Hey its me Peter. I just came out with a new song today called <I like you>. . The Song is about falling in love with someone who definitely is not your type, but you still can‘t help it. You know what I‘m talking about. Lol . You can check it out on all Korean musicsites. A special thank you to all the people who worked with me on this one. Specially my Producer, Onebo @nojokefilms and all the Musicians in Austria including Thomas Mauerhofer from Marina and the Kats….”

All rights to the images and info belong to Samantha Brown and Peter Han.

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