Song Seung Heon: 4 TV show photos before he became a con man on “The Player”


Before the DramaFever shocker, I pitched and began writing this article about actor Song Seung Heon. The 42 year-old actor has been one of my celebrity crushes since I first saw him in “Summer Scent”.  I’m always rooting for the star and was completely taken aback by his break up with Disney’s new “Mulan” months ago. While I hope the two reconcile someday, Song has stayed busy with an all new cable TV series. He currently stars as a con man (who is fighting for good) in the crime/action series “The Player”.

While viewers enjoy watching his new series in South Korea and online, let’s take a look at 4 screenshots of him in the classics!

“Autumn In My Heart”

Song played a hopeless romantic who fell in love with the girl he thought was his sister. His character Yun Joon Suh continued to love her into adulthood.

“Summer Scent”

Song Seung Hun transformed into heartbroken Yoo Min Woo for the third installment in the Yoon Suk Ho’s Four Seasons dramas. Min Woo was still grieving the tragic death of his fiancee when  he accidentally met the recipient of her heart donation. Similarities to his late lover drew him to the new lady. This series is one of my personal favorites.

“East of Eden”

He played gangster Lee Dong Chul, who joined the underworld to help his family out financially. His world turned upside down when he realized his real brother was switched at birth with the enemy’s son.

“Saimdang: Light’s Diary”

Lee Gyeom came to life when Song took the role! He was a fictional character from history who loved Saimdang his whole life. He was completely devoted to her.

You can catch Song Seung Heon  in “The Player” on


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