Rom-coms to fill the weekly void between Seo Kang Joon’s “The Third Charm” episodes

Photo Credit: JTBC

This is the second article that was pitched for a DramaFever release but didn’t make it to publishing.

JTBC is currently airing The Third Charm, which is about a couple’s realistic relationship over the course of a 12 year period. Seo Kang Joon and Esom’s on-screen chemistry make some viewers anxious for the next episode. To fill that weekly void, I created this list from DramaFever’s former library of rom-com programming.

Check out the list and feel free to search online for your favorites!

Manhole (available on

Time traveling comes in handy for a hopeless romantic who is trying to stop his lifelong crush from marrying someone else. The young guy uses a magical manhole to travel back and forth through time to win his childhood friend’s heart before its too late.

Our Gab Soon (available on

A Common law couple, friendly divorcees and even a married pair in a loveless marriage are all thorns in one struggling young couple’s side. They believe lack of financial stability is the reason they haven’t wed yet. However, the negative influences around them may be making an even bigger impact.

One Percent of Something

Arrange marriages seem undesirable, but for one rich guy it’s the only way to gain his coveted inheritance. His late grandfather requested that he marry an elementary school teacher and live with her for 6 months before he can obtain any part of the family wealth. He didn’t expect to develop real feelings for his wife during their contract marriage.

My Secret Romance

One night stands are never a promise for lasting love, but for a businessman and a veterinarian the impossible happened. After a few years separation, the pair unexpectedly reunite to realize that they have been in love with each other since that one fateful night.

Next month, actor Sung Hoon will also star in the brand new Oksusu rom-com I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street.

Bonus: Longing Heart (available on

The Third Charm (The Third Way Of Love) currently airs every Friday and Saturday on JTBC and it’s streaming at

All rights to the image belongs to JTBC

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