The Joffrey Ballet Premieres Highly Anticipated “Across The Pond” on April 24

Photo Credit: Kim Kenney

“Across The Pond” lands in Chicago this Spring! British Choreographers Andrew Walker, Andrew McNicol and Liam Scarlett will illustrate their expertise through the piecesHOME,” “Yonder Blue” and “Vespertine”. An official press release (from The Silverman Group) explaining the upcoming program was released yesterday. Ten performances will run through May 5, 2019 at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago, IL.

Inspiring young people helped create “HOME”. It “is a story of strength, resilience, and the nature of belonging. Through his signature fusion of dance styles, Walker explores what home means—within ourselves, our relationships, and our country.”

A modern piece of literature aided in the production of “Yonder Blue”. “McNicol draws inspiration from Siri Hustvedt’s illuminating book A Plea for Eros. Hustvedt describes “Yonder” as a word that shifts and moves, implying distance between one place and another. The word “Blue” similarly holds multiple associations—honesty and melancholy. Both words encapsulate the idea of distance, whether it be related to nature or people.”

The classic Baroque period brought “Vespertine” to life. It is “inspired by the music of Arcangelo Corelli, resulting in an abstract ballet that evokes classicism and athleticism all in one, set amidst a scenic display of custom chandeliers.”

Photo Credit: Kim Kenney

Click Here to read the entire press release.

A special thanks to The Silverman Group for the press release.

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