[Opinion] What Do I Think of the English Version of SF9’s Enough?

Last week, K-Pop boy band SF9 released an unique version of their latest single “Enough”. I thoroughly enjoyed the Korean and Japanese versions, but I was completely taken aback by the newest release. In the short YouTube video, the award-winning group showed off superior dance moves while singing entirely in English. After seeing the MV a few times, I have to commend the guys! Their English pronunciation is quite good. I believe the English lyrics breathed new life into a song worthy of topping the charts.  There were a few words I had a little difficulty understanding during the first viewing, but that rings true for any mainstream song. Some phrases are suppose to be sung in a way to invoke emotion more than anything else.

I loved SF9’s English edition, and I hope they continue to release songs in my native language for years to come.

Check out the melodic video below:

You can catch SF9 on tour this Spring in the USA and Europe! From April 19th – May 12th, they are scheduled to make stops in Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Moscow, Warsaw, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and London.

Screencap and video credit: FNC Entertainment

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