The Original “Kim Possible”, Christy Carlson Romano, Serves Up Delightful Throwbacks in New Show

Christy Carlson Romano is bringing back the best of the 2000s! 

On June 27th, the famous actress and singer kicked off a brand new YouTube series titled “Christy’s Kitchen Throwback”. CKT is completely free to watch and features some of your favorite stars from productions like “Kim Possible”, “Lizzie McGuire“, “Even Stevens”, “The Cheetah Girls” and even the 90s film “Matilda”. Two of my favorite episodes so far have been her making Ron Stoppable’s Naco with Will Friedle and two Even Stevens cast members joining her for the classic “We Went To The Moon” song.

Take a look at those special episodes below:


You can see all of Christy’s enjoyable videos on the official YouTube Channel under her name Christy Carlson Romano.

Photos and Videos Credit: Christy’s YouTube and Instagram

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