Fantasy Casting: A “Gilmore Girls” Remake

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GG deserves a remake!

Following the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life reboot, I was very disappointed with the ending. Diehard fans needed more from the series, and what better way to do that than through an all new show. There are endless possibilities when it comes to filling the iconic roles. The stars on this list are just some of the ones BTSCelebs feels would be a good fit.

 Danica Mckellar (Lorelai Gilmore)

From “The Wonder Years” to The Hallmark Channel, Danica has proven time and again that she’s a veteran with versatility in the acting department.  The perfect Lorelai has be a loving mother with a little bit of a wild side.

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Zenia Marshall (Rory Gilmore)

The Date My Date alum is still a rookie in the acting world, but she’s making a name for herself on TV. Recently, she’s been seen on The CW network and Hallmark, and Zenia would be perfect as the good girl who matures through trial and error.

Chad Michael Murray (Luke Danes)

The original Tristan (GG) would be the best Luke to couple up with a new Lorelai! Plus, he has probably already been introduced to Danica since he recently joined the Hallmark family.  Everyone loved him in the early 2000s… so its time to start off a new decade.

Jane Lynch (Emily Gilmore)

She was the best evil stepmother in the Cinderella Story series, because of her hilarious jokes and good acting. Emily has to have a mean streak with a touch of humor. Jane is the ideal choice for the role.


Brian Austin Green (Christopher Hayden)

The Christopher character was created to be a former teen heartthrob who swept Lorelai off her feet. What better guy to play him than the famous 90s crush from “Beverly Hills, 90210”? I think he and Danica would have great on-screen chemistry as the couple with a confusing yet emotional relationship.

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Beautiful 🙂 #thisishardrock

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Hopefully, a “Gilmore Girls” remake will become reality sometime in the future.

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