4 Best Songs To Combat Fear

Photo Credit: @davidtdunn on Instagram

It’s time to overcome these challenging times with some positive tunes!

BTSCelebs wants to spread the good news and cheer through quality CCM/Gospel music. The songs on this list are all about finding hope through faith. Let’s overcome fear the precious singles from David Dunn, Riley Clemons, Koryn Hawthorne and Coby James.

David DunnStarting Now

Leaving all of your worries at the doorstep is pretty much what this song is about. The only difference is David is trusting God with all of his problems.

Riley Clemmons – Over and Over

Riley is in awe by her Savior’s desire to choose her no matter what and the surprising example of unconditional love. There is no shame in a steadfast Christian’s life.

Koryn Hawthorne – Won’t He Do It

With God all things are possible! Koryn’s single also reminds Christians that absolute peace is guaranteed if we rely on God.

Coby James – Pressure

Staying grounded in his religion is the best way Coby deals with difficulty. Anxiety and fear can’t withstand strong faith.

Happy listening!


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