[Interview] Caleb Crino Talks God, Music And Life

Are you a fan of faith films? If so, you have already been introduced to gifted singer songwriter Caleb Crino. His music was featured in the 2020 drama “Treasure Lies”, and now you can learn more about the charming voice on the soundtrack.

Discover Caleb’s music mission through his exclusive interview with BTCelebs.

BTSCelebs: Who is Caleb Crino?

Caleb Crino: Sometimes, I don’t even know! Haha. I’m just an imperfect man serving a perfect God trying to make the best with the time and gifts that He’s given me.

What piqued your interest in music?

Music just feels like home to me. I’ve been performing since I was six years old, when my mom signed me up for a children’s choir, and I just fell in love with it. Everything that I’ve learned about music just inspires me to learn more and be better at what I do!

Tell us about your songwriting process. To date, what has been the most difficult song to complete?

You know, my process has recently undergone a pretty significant change. Until four months ago, every time I would write I would work with other songwriters and collaborate, but I recently found that there is a level of depth and honestly that I can reach when it’s just me writing by myself. So most of the songs I’ve been writing lately, and the ones that will be on my upcoming record, were written by myself! Not sure if I can nail down the hardest song to finish, I’ve written so many of them and each has their own level of difficulty in one way or another.

How have you used this current quarantine in a positive way?

I’ve really used this time to realign both my priorities and my relationship with God. Having a lot more downtime to spend with Him in prayer, worship and His word has really made a difference. And having my routines be thrown so far out of whack has shown me what I really value in my daily life, and it’s given me the opportunity to make some adjustments.

If your music could be included on the soundtrack of any faith film, which one would you choose and why?

I actually just had a song of mine used in a faith film called “Treasure Lies”, it was really cool to see that happen for the first time!

What message do you hope non-believers take away from your music?

I really want my music to be an expression of what God has done in me personally. My hope is that someone who doesn’t have faith in Jesus Christ would be able to hear my songs, see what God has done in my life, and be curious if He can do the same for them. Because He can and will!

Learn more about him by visiting his website at CalebCrino.com!

A Special Thanks to Caleb Crino for the interview and images. 

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