[Interview] Sade Champagne: “I Want People To Know That… They Are A Miracle And So Loved

The West Coast has been completely blown away by Sade’s remarkable talents. She is an award-winner with a list of accomplishments that deserve to be broadcast nationwide. Through BTSCelebs, the Midwest is now placing a spotlight on the multi-talented star inspiring the masses.

Meet Sade Champagne!

BTSCelebs: Who is Sade Champagne professionally?

Sade: I am a professional musical artist, performer, speaker, philanthropist, mentor and entrepreneur. I love using my gifts and talents to express myself, to share about God’s love and to help inspire, encourage and empower others to live their dreams.

What started your interest in the entertainment industry?  

I starting having dreams and visions when I was a little girl (around age 4) about doing all the things I am doing today and traveling the world. I love using my gifts and talents to express myself, to share about God’s love and to help inspire, encourage, empower them to live their dreams.

Which one of your current roles jumpstarted your impressive career?   

I would say a combo of my singing, speaking, teaching and event planning opened a lot of doors for me.

From your online profile we can see you’re a Christian, tell us about your road to Christianity

I’ve always known God since I was a little girl. My dreams and visions came from God, and I believe growing up it was one of the main ways Jesus spoke to me and helped me to stay encouraged even when I was going through traumatic times. God is my Creator, Savior, Best Friend and overall first and greatest Love of my life. When I had nothing and no one to call my own, Jesus was the One Who kept me. Even today nothing and no one makes me happier than God!

What inspired you to create the “To him” series on the Grindhard Radio Network?   

I created this series first inspired by one of my best friends, biggest inspirations and creative partners, Jeremy Watkins. He would always tell me that he didn’t know any woman creating content like this, and he believed that I had the heart and ability to help bring encouragement, grace and transformation to many men and even women, who would receive from this series. I think now more than ever, women and men need to come together and stop tearing each other down. We are both the prize and a gift to each other from God. It’s time to heal!

You’re an accomplished musician who has been honored with awards. What message do you want listeners from all religious backgrounds to take away from your music?  

I want people to know that #1 They are not a mistake; they are a miracle and so loved! #2 Never let anyone tell you what you can dream or expect for your life. Never let anyone crush your spirit or box you in. #3 It doesn’t take a lot to be joyful, and we don’t have to compromise our morals for worldly success.

What can we anticipate from you for the rest of 2020 into 2021? 

I have a new radio show out with Jeremy Watkins titled ‘Matters of the Heart’ on Grindhard Radio network and 57WLLE.net internet radio. He and I have a lot of other tremendous things on the horizon and in store. I’m finishing up editing my first book and hope to have it released by the end of summer. I’m working on a plethora of other creative projects, messages and more. Because of the pandemic, I had to revision and re-explore my career and dreams with God. I know God is faithful, and I’m thankful for every day that I live and for all of my blessings! Thank you for this interview and for having me.

Learn more about Sade by visiting her website, iamsadechampagne.com

A Special Thanks to Sade Champagne  for the exclusive interview and images.

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