[Interview] Caitie Hurst Beasley: Look For Good Happening All Around You, Because It Is…Kindness Will Never Be Cancelled!

Since 2018, extraordinary recording artist Caitie Hurst has been blessing our ears with a variety of inspirational music. You may know her best from some of her well-known pop singles “Nothing To Hide”, “How Could I Be Silent” and “Yours”. The CCM star continues to inspire the masses with her positive message and bright outlook on life.

Let’s learn more about her current music, interests, future plans and her words of wisdom when it comes to staying positive during this global pandemic.

BTSCelebs: Who is Caitie Hurst professionally?

Caitie: I’m an artist with Centricity Music Records and a worship leader. I travel and sing for a living, and I am so grateful for what I get to do!

Who are your biggest musical influences in 2020?

My biggest musical influences of 2020 include, Charlie Puth, Ryan Tedder, Taylor Swift (as always), Jon Foreman, and Colony House.

Drive-In Tours are growing in popularity these days, which singers would you love to tour with and why?

I would love to tour with Switchfoot, because I’ve always loved absolutely everything they do. Or, Hillsong Young & Free because I love how they bring people together in worship!

Which song would you recommend to a music lover who has never heard your music before?

I’d say my song ‘All the Things’ – although its not one of my more popular songs, it’s fun, upbeat, roll your windows down kinda song, and has the central message of having faith in Christ that most of my music is about!

If you could join one movie’s soundtrack, which movie would it be and why?

‘The Greatest Showman’! I thought the soundtrack was absolutely brilliant, encouraging, and fun to sing along to. It’s just like one big party (!!!) with a slow ballad here and there… which is general parallel for how my life is anyway. Haha. I sang to the top of my lungs in the car to every song for like a week straight after i saw the movie!

What other profession are you so passionate about that you would love to pursue it alongside your music?

I love Youth Ministry and was a youth worker at my church for a couple years before signing my record deal and starting to travel. I am still really passionate about being involved in the lives of middle and high school girls, and I still get to do a little bit of that even while I’m on the road. I plan on always pursuing this passion no matter what I’m doing- I don’t have to work in a church to do that, which is awesome! I also LOVE thrifting, so I’d also love to pursue this and make it a profession alongside my career someday.

Tell us all about the projects fans can expect from you in 2021.

OOOH i am soooo excited for all the projects coming out later this year and in 2021! I’m coming out with a new EP later this year- that i cannot even WAIT for everyone to hear! These songs are so special and I’m so ready to get them out into the world! And I hope to have my first full length album in 2021!!!

What words of encouragement do you have for those who are depressed during this pandemic?

You know, this is SUCH an interesting time. Everyone has dealt with it differently and has been affected by it differently. I’m reminding myself every day to have grace for myself and those around me, because nothing is normal so we cant have normal expectations for people, ourselves, and life in general! I would encourage you if you’re depressed in this time- to not just be on your phone all the time. But get outside, if you’re comfortable with it – go on a walk, enjoy the sun, and go and do something for someone else! You’d be surprised how it makes YOU feel better and get out of your head!! Even if you go buy a friend their favorite candy and leave it in their mailbox, or leave a coffee on their doorstep- small, thoughtful acts of kindness are so helpful in getting out of a funk, I’ve found! Look for the good in your day, not just all of the bad things going on in the world! Don’t only focus on the negative, look for good happening all around you, because it is! I’m talking like, someone carrying groceries for an older woman, someone bringing a meal to a homeless person on the side of the road- those kinds of things. Kindness will never be cancelled!!! I’ve found that waking up, and starting my day spending time with the Lord, reading my Bible, and talking to Him- has been what has gotten me through this time! Not neglecting that time with Him is so important to me! It helps me see the world the way He sees it, and helps me remember that when I feel so out of control with what’s happening in the world, HE is in control, and I can trust Him with every little detail of my life!

Learn more about Caitie by visiting her website, caitiehurst.com

A Special Thanks to Centricity Music and Caitie Hurst for the exclusive interview and image.

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