“Everyday Miracles” Makes Its Official Release

Cinedigm is making faith film fans happy this week with the On Demand, DVD, and Digital Formats release of Marty Madden’s movie “Everyday Miracles”. Madden wrote and directed the inspiring production starring Gary Cole, Erik Smith and Zoe Perry.

What is the film all about? Biscuit Media Group had this to say about it in a press release: “‘Everyday Miracles’ centers around a faith healer, Cotton (Smith), who is trying to run from his troubled past. After being taken in by a horse rancher (Cole) and his family, Cotton’s new life is soon tested when his overbearing mother (Lusia Strus) tracks him down and tries to pull him back into the life he had escaped. Cotton is desperate to avoid his past life which could jeopardize a possible future with his love interest, Young Sheldon’s Zoe Perry. When a painful revelation comes to light, he must lean on his new family and learn to trust again. Through his journey, Cotton learns the value of compassion and family through hard work and selflessness.”

The film has already been praised by well-known sites like Dove.org and Movie Guide.

Learn even more about “Everyday Miracles” and other Cinedigm titles by visiting their official website, Cinedigm.com.

A Special Thanks to Biscuit Media Group for the press release. 

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2 Responses to “Everyday Miracles” Makes Its Official Release

  1. Barbie Howell says:

    Where was it filmed please

  2. BTSCelebs says:

    No idea. However, it was released in Canada before the US.

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