[Opinion] Fangirling Over SuperM’s Lucas

Honesty time!

I’m a longtime fan of SHINee. So it made sense that I follow Taemin’s solo career religiously, while the rest of the guys are in the military. However, when Taemin joined SuperM joined last year…  I wasn’t really into it. Despite my initial reaction, I supported the group from afar.

Fast forward to late August, SuperM released “100”, while gearing up for their “Tiger Inside” premiere. I take a look at the group once again and notice the pretty face of Lucas Wong. I quickly discover this talented young man debuted in NCT in 2018 and continued his musical activities overseas in the unit group WayV. From the star’s recent debut and variety show appearances, he has already earned over 5 million followers on Instagram alone. So impressive! In honor of my new crush on Lucas, I decided to dedicate this brief article to him.

Enjoy a few photos and a fancam of Mr. Wonderful today!

Credit: @lucas_xx444 on Instagram

All the best to Lucas and SuperM on their “Tiger Inside” release! 


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