[Review] Kathryn Cushman And Lauren Beccue’s The Plans We Made

Did you love “I Can Only Imagine” and “Grace Unplugged’? If so, I guarantee you will love “The Plans We Made”. The best elements from both movies is combined to bring us an all new tale. 

Last month, authors Kathryn Cushman And Lauren Beccue released the touching novel, and it has a story everyone can relate to. The core of the story is family… plain and simple. In “The Plans We Made”, Caroline Chapman and Linda Riley live drastically different lives on separate American coasts. Surprisingly, a career change put both women on the same coast where they cross paths in the most unlikely way. Linda is desperate for someone to save her ailing son, and Caroline holds the key to his road to recovery. Along the way, we learn just how much family means to both of these ladies. Linda is a doting wife and mother, while Caroline is an only child. Through Caroline’s world, we are also introduced to Chris Stratton and his broken yet loving family that deserves their own standalone book. Readers should expect a number of shocking surprises that absolutely make the book journey worthwhile.

This memorable novel will make you laugh, cry and swoon as the chapters fly by. You do not want to miss this 2020 classic in the making. BTSCelebs gives it two thumbs up and 10 points out of a 10.

Click Here to learn more about “The Plans We Made” on Kathryn Cushman’s official website.

*Special thanks to Kathryn Cushman for the complimentary copy of the book and the image.*

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