“COLORS OF CHARACTER: An Artist’s Journey to Redemption” Releases In Theaters

Yesterday, painter Steve Skipper’s true story “COLORS OF CHARACTER” started its limited engagement in theaters. According to an official press release from Collide Media Group, the full-length documentary will be told in Skipper’s own words and presents interviews with pastors, sports figures and Civil Rights figures, who made a positive impact on his life.

What is “COLORS OF CHARACTER: An Artist’s Journey to Redemption” all about?

“As one of the most prolific painters in the genres of sports and civil rights artwork, Skipper has shattered barriers of race in the fine art world. With no formal training, Skipper has honed his unique, meticulous style of super-realism and has his work on display in some of the most prestigious galleries, sports and civil rights museums, and halls of fame in the US.  As a young child, he was bussed to a newly integrated school in Birmingham, AL where he became a leader in a notorious street gang. After going to church on a dare, Skipper had a life-changing encounter with Christ that transformed his entire life. Shortly after, he picked up a paintbrush and quickly understood his God-given calling as an artist.”

“COLORS OF CHARACTER: An Artist’s Journey to Redemption” will run through November 15. Visit the ColorsOfCharacterMovie.com for more information on the documentary and where you can view it in your area.

*A Special Thanks to Collide Media Group for the info and image. 

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