“The Bowmakers” Plans Thanksgiving Premiere in Midwest

From November 26 to December 6, 2020, the brand new documentary “The Bowmakers” will enjoy its fall run. Chicago audiences can experience this film directly through Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra (IPO) due to the pandemic hindering its initial release earlier this year. Spirited music organizations partnered with the makers of the film to help this movie release nationwide. A special Q&A with the filmmakers will be available for fans of the movie. On December 4 at 6:30pm, a free Q&A via Zoom plans to  feature the film’s director Ward Serill, IPO principal cellist Jacob Hanegan, and moderated by Christina Salerno, Executive Director of  IPO.

An official press release from The Silverman Group describes “The Bowmakers” as “Cinderella”. It “follows the journey of the “Cinderella” of the orchestra, the bow—the overworked and overshadowed ally to its more glamorous instrumental partners. The film is an artful exploration of one of the most esoteric corners of the music world, the art of bowmaking, as unknown to the public as it is essential to professional musicians… During the making of the film, award-winning Director Ward Serrill followed Charles Espey—considered the most important bowmaker of his generation—to experience the making of the bow from start to completion. From there, the journey follows the bows from master bowmakers like Espey out to the musicians who use them, then on to France where the modern bow originated, and finally to Brazil where the imperiled wood, Pernambuco, originates.”

Serrill expressed how he is captivated by the ancient art form. “‘I became fascinated by the nature of a handmade art that was essentially unchanged for two hundred years, and the value of that tradition in our age of technology and speed. During times of social and environmental upheaval, beauty and art is central to life. I love the artistic journey this film took me on, and I am certain Chicagoland audiences will feel the same.'”

Dunnings Market and Samuel’s Hairstyling is supporting “The Bowmakers” Midwest Premiere.

Visit ipomusic.org for more information on the film and and special Q&A.

*A Special Thanks To The Silverman Group For The Info and Image.

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