21 Actors Ready To Take On 2021

We are only a few weeks away from a brand new year! BTSCelebs is getting a head start on 2021 by honoring some famous actors and singers in South Korea who exhibited their acting skills recently.

1 Choi Ji Woo

This Queen of K-dramas was one of the early members of the Hallyu Wave with the 2002 KBS2 melodrama Winter Sonata. Choi Ji Woo’s show introduced me to the beauty of K-dramas. After a special appearance on tvN’s Crash Landing on You this year, I think fans are anxious to see her star in a beloved series once again.

2 Eugene

I am a big fan of Eugene’s early dramas like KBS’ Loving You (2002) and SBS’ Save The Last Dance For Me (2004). I learned later on that the former SES member had a dedicated fan base thanks to her successful music career. I know everyone was overjoyed this year with her return to K-dramas in the SBS show Penthouse, and we can’t wait to see what 2021 holds for her.

 3 Ku Hye Sun 

I adored her 2006 KBS1 series Pure in Heart, and I have been following her career ever since! I would love to see her make an acting comeback in the near future… maybe 2021 could be the Boys Over Flowers alum‘s year!

4  Kim So Hyun

This former child star is pretty much royalty when it comes to acting. I enjoyed her performance in shows like KBS2’s Who Are You: School 2015,  KBS2’s Page Turner and Netflix’s Love Alarm. While we patiently wait for the second season of Love Alarm, her new historical series The Moon Rising River is aiming for an early 2021 release.

5 Jang Dong Yoon

It’s pretty obvious that acting his gift with shows like KBS2’s School 2017, tvN’s A Poem a Day, KBS2’s The Tale of Nokdu and many more. K-drama fans were treated this year to his action skills too in the mystery/thriller OCN’s Search.  He already has big plans for next year with SBS’ Joseon Exorcist.

6 Kim Hyun Joong

Following a successful career in SS501, his army enlistment, and overcoming personal hardship, Kim Hyun Joong has reinvented himself as a well-known solo artist. Many were introduced to his acting in the KBS2 shows Can We Refill The Love? and Boys Over Flowers. He starred in a few productions since, but I think it’s time for him to make a grand comeback in 2021.

7 Kim Hye Yoon

She started making appearances in K-dramas in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2019 that she reached hallyu status.  Her performance in MBC’s Extraordinary You was very impressive. The world is anxious for Kim Hye Yoon’s 2021 role in the upcoming JTBC series Snowdrop.

8 Jung Gun Joo

He stole hearts with his recent roles in MBC’s Extraordinary You and tvN’s Oh My Baby. Of course, 2021 holds so much promise for this actor who debuted only two years ago.

9 V

The Grammy nominated star was off to a great start in the acting realm with his supporting role in 2016 KBS 2 series Hwarang. Since then, his music career with BTS has skyrocketed. I think fans (aka ARMY) would love to see his grand return to the silver or small screen next year.


10 Kim Su Hyun

Even though I’m still new to her work, Kim Su Hyun’s acting skills in  NaverTV Cast/ V Live’s A-TEEN and A-TEEN 2 was on full display!  She could have easily taken over the main role. This actress and singer started her entertainment career in music (Produce 101), and I hope she incorporates it in the near future.

11 Jackson Wang

After watching Youku Tudou’s Dream Knight and some of the SBS’ reality program Roommate, I’m convinced that Jackson has what it takes to entertain us in a rom com or just straight comedy. The GOT7 member definitely has a hidden talent.

12 Jung Hyo Jun

This year, the prince of short dramas and specials made a big splash in the acting world in the hilarious and upbeat series Single & Ready to Mingle (KOKTV/WHYNOT Media).  Even though he has a few programs on his resume, he is still considered a rookie with so much promise.

13 Ryu Eui Hyun

This acting veteran has been working for over a decade, but I’m new to his projects. Nonetheless, Ryu Eui Hyun’s part in A-Teen and A-Teen 2 (Naver TV Cast/V Live) was so entertaining! The future continues to look bright.

14 Mark Lee

According to interviews, the SuperM and NCT member is a novelist at heart. He can not only star in an upcoming TV show or film, he can contribute to the script. Mark’s fluency in English and Korean makes him the ideal candidate for international productions.

Check out his acting in the tvN special below:

15 Hwiyoung

Over the past few years, this variety show King has brought a smile to everyone’s face by showcasing his many talents. This year, the SF9 member ends the year with his interesting role in the Seezn/Lifetime short series The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning. 2021 can’t come soon enough!

16 Doyeon

This year, the Weki Meki member played in the fun short shows Playlist’s Pop Out Boy! and KokTV’s Single & Ready To Mingle, and I’m convinced 2021 is her year. I’m sure her bestie, Black Pink’s Jennie, is cheering for her.

17 Song Geon Hee

I was a big fan of his show Netflix‘s Love Alarm and even the one he made a brief appearance in (JTBC’s My ID Is Gangnam Beauty). Song Geon Hee’s brother role in KBS2’s Tale of Nokdu was simply unforgettable.

18 Yoo Jung

Another Weki Meki singer and Single & Ready to Mingle cast member showed off her superior acting talent this year. She was chosen for the leading role in SRM and even Cast: Age of Insiders series. (Yoo Jung made her K-Pop debut in 2016.)

19 Han Hyun Min

After debuting as a model in 2016, this rising star has expended his career into acting. He joined the Netflix sitcom So Not Worth It after making appearances in SBS’ Hip Hop King – Nassna Street, tvN’s Tale of Fairy previous years. 2021 is guaranteed to be a promising year for Han Hyun Min.

20 Jung Da Bin

This former child star proves her veteran status by her extensive resume that dates back to 2004. The first time I witnessed her acting was in the 2008 SBS’ series Star’s Lover. She stayed busy in 2020 with two TV shows Live On (JTBC) and Extracurricular (Netflix).

21 Christian Burgos

Hailing from Mexico, Christian Burgos brings his bright personality to all of his projects. He is a well-known TV and radio host, who debuted as an actor in the  Olleh TV/SBS series Yeonnamdong Global House. I know him best from his weekly gig on Arirang Radio’s Kpoppin’.

All the best to them in 2021! If there are any more Asian stars you would add to this list, feel free to comment here or on BTSCelebs’ social media pages.

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