[Opinion] Will GOT7’s Mark Tuan Join Twitch?


Mark’s puppy Milo – Credit: @marktuan on Instagram

On Tuesday, GOT7‘s contract with JYP Entertainment comes to an end. Fans, aka Ahgases, are excited for their next chapter, and rumors have been swirling that member Mark Tuan is coming stateside to continue his career. To jumpstart his solo endeavor, the Taiwanese American artist opened a brand new YouTube channel and Facebook page to interact with fans.

The big question is…. will he join Twitch in the near future? I know the video live streaming service is helping top influencers build their audience while communicating with fans in real time. A host of stars like Ryan Higa, Amber Liu (fx) and Megan Lee and even his own brother Joey Tuan are already on Twitch. It would be great if he joined to share his music and keep everyone updated on his busy schedule. I hope he seriously considers it in the near future.

In the meantime, feel free to follow Mark Tuan on all his social media accounts via his YouTube Channel: @MarkTuan

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