Meet The New Ambassador of Jeju Island, Omega X

Photo Courtesy of Spire Entertainment

The honors keep coming!

Spire Entertainment recently shared the good news that Omega X has been decreed the honorary public relations ambassador of the Jeju Tourism Association.

The President of JTA, Bu Dong Suk, congratulated them and requested that they promote the island’s trademark worth for the next two years.

Omega X had this to say during their acceptance speech, “Jeju Island houses 3 UNESCO natural heritage sites. We will do our best to promote Jeju Island and all its beauty to the world with our music and performances.”

Congratulations, Omega X!

Their YouTube reality series “Loading – One More Chan X” is currently up to episode 6, and they are still a few more weeks until the finale (episode 10). Click Here to see the latest uploads.

Photo Courtesy of Spire Entertainment

A Special Thanks to Spire Entertainment for the info and images.

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