[Exclusive Interview] 6 Questions With Supergroup OMEGA X

Photo Courtesy of Spire Entertainment

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Spire Entertainment’s brand new permanent boy band is well on their way to surpassing SuperM as the next “Kpop Avengers”. After signing with Japan’s mega fan media platform Skiyaki Inc, being interviewed by Forbes, and featured in a host of South Korean and niche media like SPO TV News, Joy News 24 and Koreaboo, OMEGA X is ready to take on the world. Members Hangyeom, Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Taedong, Xen, Jehyun, Kevin, Junghoon, Hyuk and Yechan graciously took some time out of their busy schedule to do an exclusive interview with BTSCelebs.

First things first, what is the 411 on their highly anticipated debut album?

Spire’s head of global business, Kevin Cho, had this to say about their new tunes: “The title track in the four-track mini album, scheduled for release in May, best represents OMEGA X’s color. We can’t say much about the title track yet, but it’ll surely wow the fans with powerful choreography moves uncharacteristic of a new group.”

Their official logo even has a beautiful meaning. Derived from the Greek alphabet, the word OMEGA is all about a fresh start and having ambition until the end. According to an official press release, the members plan to maintain a positive connection with their fans forever. They want to deliver “limitless joy, dream, opportunity, gift, love and hope,” as the X in their name represents. The black and white colors symbolize “embracing diverse values” and “light of hope… representing the birth of a new megascale K-pop group with a global fanbase.”

Photo Courtesy of Spire Entertainment

Now, let’s start the interview!

BTSCelebs: Who is Omega X?

Kevin Cho: Omega X is a K-pop boy group with 11 members. Most of the members have made an appearance on K-pop audition shows and have debuted as a K-pop star.

Jehyun: This group, Omega X, is a new start and a new challenge for us. We feel obligated to make better music and put on better performances for the fans who’ve been waiting for us a long time. And as we work together, that pressure is turning into expectations. I hope that fans will get to know our group dynamics through the upcoming reality TV show as well as our debut performances.

Tell us about your individual journeys to Spire Entertainment.

Kevin Cho: All of the Omega X members have their own special stories, and through those stories, fans can experience and resonate with each member’s personality

Jehyun: When I was in third grade, Rain had dropped Rainism. I saw his solo performance for the first time on TV and I was blown away. I felt so strongly that I wanted to perform on stage like him, so after talking to my parents, I started taking dance and vocal lessons and started to work towards my dream of becoming a singer. I also like Taemin, whom I personally want to emulate the most. His solo performances are so sexy and inspirational that I try to learn how he does it and to make it into mine in my own style.

Yechan: I wasn’t really interested in music until I was scouted on the streets when I was 15. I learned to dance and sing then. It was awkward at first, but I fell in love with expressing myself that way. It was exhilarating. Since then, I started singing a lot of R&Bs and dancing. I picked up rap for the first time after joining Omega X. Since I’m into hip hop right now, the musician I admire the most is Omega X’s Sebin. (laughs) I listen to a lot of G-Dragon, Justin Bieber and LANY. I started composing after listening to LANY. 

Who are your role models in American mainstream music?

Yechan: The band I like the most is LANY. I started composing after listening to them.

Jehyun: I listen to Chris Brown and PrettyMuch.

Sebin: I listen to Lauv every time I take a shower.

Kevin: I like Ariana Grande’s voice, so charming.

Hwichan: I listen to Pink Sweat$, an R&B artist.

Describe your individual personalities in one word.

Photo Courtesy of Spire Entertainment

Hangyeom: Weather

Yechan: Cameleon

Jehyun: Rainbow

Junghoon: Mischief Maker

Hwichan: Ajeossi

Kevin: Friends

Sebin: Positivity

Jaehan: Meerkat

Taedong: Puppy

Hyuk: Family

Xen: Jalapeno marshmallows

What is your favorite snack food?

Hangyeom: Bread. I love bread.

Yechan: A sweet latte. I don’t snack but I love a latte after dance practice. It gives me strength!.

Jehyun: Peach iced tea, because I don’t drink coffee.

Junghoon: Ice americano, because I get sleepy without my coffee.

Hwichan: Lay’s potato chips. It’s clean and reasonably priced. It’s a gift from god.

Kevin: Chocolate. I like the depth of flavor.

Sebin: Red ginseng. I feel healthy!

Jaehan: Ice. I like the feeling of chewing ice.

Taedong: Strawberry latte. Strawberries are refreshing and the milk enhances their sweet flavor, which makes me feel good.

Hyuk: Mon cher cacao cakes. I’m afraid of gaining weight, but I finish the entire box in one sitting.

Xen: Clementines, oranges, cheonhaehyangs, and hallabongs. Clementines are delicious.

What do you hope fans take away from your debut album?

Kevin Cho: The four-track mini album is scheduled for release in May. Along with an intense beat, these songs showcase the unique k-pop choreography, the catchy tunes that are easy to sing along during live performances and the members’ love and gratitude for their fans. This album expresses the excitement of a new beginning and the members’ wishes to be with the fans on that journey.

BTSCelebs is cheering for OMEGA X!

Today, OMEGA X kicks off their reality show Loading – One More Chan X. They have been dropping teasers throughout the entire month of April. Now, you can learn even more about these rising talents by enjoying the fun-filled show. The guys promise to give us a behind the scenes look at the road to their debut. View the 10 episode series on their YouTube Channel and V Live every week.

OMEGA X’s four-track mini album releases in May.

A Special Thanks to Spire Entertainment and OMEGA X for the interview and images.

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