Jason Mac and Tobin Bell’s “A Father’s Legacy” Hits On Demand and Digital This Month

Credit: Cinedigm

You can enjoy Jason Mac’s first film in the comfort of your own homes!

According to an official press release from Biscuit Media Group, Cinedigm is releasing “A Father’s Legacy” for private viewing on July 16th, 2021. You can start searching for the inspiring movie everywhere you enjoy on demand and digital films. “‘A Father’s Legacy’ (previously titled The Old Man & The Pond) was the Official Selection of the Heartland International Film Festival and the Official Selection of the Soho International Film Festival. It was produced by Mac and John Lerchen, under his Forever Safe Productions banner.”

Jason Mac had this to say about the project that is near and dear to his heart, “This film was born out of one of the most difficult times in my life. My father was my protector; a guardian I knew would always be there, and then one day he wasn’t. The loss forced me to look inside and really explore what it was to be a father. Too many young men have no male role model growing up, so I hope that becomes a lesson and learning from this film.”

The film stars Jason Mac, Tobin Bell, Rebecca Robles, Gregory Alan Williams, Kurt Yue and Michael Aaron Milligan.

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A Special Thanks to Biscuit Media Group for the info and image.

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