Review: Lynn Austin’s “The Wish Book Christmas”

“Every person is valuable in His sight. And every job we do in His name is valuable.”

This year, Lynn Austin brings holiday cheer in her delightful title “The Wish Book Christmas”. The bestselling author sets this story in post-war America.

Single British mothers Audrey Clarkson and Eve Dawson are raising their young sons, Bobby and Harry, under one roof. As Christmas quickly approaches, the boys are obsessed with all the dazzling toys in the Sears’ Wish Book. They want almost everything in the catalogue! The best friends make it their mission to help their sons understand the origin of Christmas and happiness achieved through giving. As the boys become 20th Century Wise Men to their neighbors, Audrey and Eve realized the flaws in their own lives, while opening up their hearts to the gifts others want to give to them. Can Eve and Audrey learn to forgive themselves before anyone else?

I was skeptical of “A Wish Book Christmas” at first, but I found myself thoroughly enjoying it as the chapters flew by. It is a great family book with a solid inspirational message. I recommend it to people of all ages this holiday season.

If you need a better backstory of Audrey and Eve, they were properly introduced in Lynn Austin’s 2020 novel “If I Were You”.

“A Wish Book Christmas” is currently available.

A Special Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for the advance reader copy of the book and cover image.

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